Operational audits

Effective and efficient
An operational audit is a thorough analysis of the quality of the management and operational control systems. This analysis will help determine whether organizational objectives as determined by management are being realized. An operational audit provides an independent and objective report, enabling the improvement of the quality of the organizational activities.

Operational audits can be conducted at the start of a new organization or subdivision. SOAB can also assist in evaluating an existing organization or department. When considerable decisions need to be made within the organization or with regards to a project, an operational audit conducted by SOAB is recommended. 

  • Operational audits:

    • Are conducted by a multidisciplinary team of committed, professional and efficient experts who have government and legislation expertise
    • Grant certainty regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of management and/or operational control systems and procedures
    • Reveal bottlenecks within the organizational management and operational systems
    • Help obtain the organizational objectives in a systematic and structured way
    • Contribute to the internal control of the organization
  • The SOAB approach

    A carefully conducted analysis is followed by a report containing details regarding the quality of the operational systems in place. With a strong foundation in legislative knowledge and political structures, SOAB is able to provide improvement and implementation advice. Which means that we can go beyond the initial request of conducting an operational audit. SOAB professionals act as advisory partners, looking at the broader context of organizational operations of government. Because we have thorough understanding and knowledge of government, we recognize bottlenecks on time. Strategic know-how of political structures and sensitivities, enable us to be an excellent partner for operational audits.

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