IT assurance & advisory

Sharp and resourceful government advisor
IT assurance and advisory services examine and evaluate an organization's IT infrastructure, policies and operations. IT audits determine whether IT controls protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity and are aligned with the organizations objectives. IT assurance and advisory cover a wide area. SOAB has a specialized department in-house; focusing solely on IT related assurance and advisory. Our IT advisory experts are trained in a broad area of expertise, including cyber security and business process management (BPM).

  • IT assurance & advisory at SOAB encompasses the following areas of expertise:

    • IT Assurance
    • Information security policy
    • IT risk analysis
    • Data analysis
    • Data conversion audits
    • IT quality control
    • IT related project management
    • IT service management
  • The SOAB approach

    Because SOAB is broadly present in organizations across the government, we can clearly determine when a department is in need of IT related assurance or advisory services. Regular moments of knowledge exchange with colleagues help us to expertly assume our role as the government advisor that we are.

    With a vast body of knowledge of rules and regulations, we understand how to thread through the governmental realm when performing our tasks. Recognizing the increasing importance of information technology in organizations, SOAB ensures continuous training and development in the expertise areas mentioned above. 

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