A trustworthy and knowledgeable government partner
SOAB provides advisory services for the broader government. Having more than two decades of experience in public administration, SOAB excels as the advisory partner for the entire government. Because of our broad presence in numerous governmental organizations, we are capable of making the necessary connections between entities and their advisory needs.

We use this unique knowledge, to tailor our advisory services to the specific needs of our clients. Daily involvement in government and ministries gives SOAB an edge as an efficient partner. Existing solutions can be applied to multiple governmental organizations, resulting in not having to start from scratch with every assignment. We are skillful at creating realistic solutions, because we have extended government knowledge. 

  • Advisory services:

    • Provide clients with a number of aspects related to improving the functioning of their organization;
    • Cover a broad spectrum, from IT to HR but all related to the betterment of government and ultimately the community;
    • Include organizational diagnosis, creation and design of organizations, advice on strategic and policy issues, IT advice, project management, interim management and HR related advisory and process management advice;
    • Include a comprehensive training program for clients.
  • The SOAB approach

    SOAB advisory services are characterized by our excellent knowledge of government. We aspire lasting results, giving government and its entities the tools to self-improve and grow continuously. Our advisors have a multi-disciplinary range of expertise and share a belief in the betterment of government for the benefit of the community. Communication for us is straightforward and factual and we deliver on time. 

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